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Corporate Events (Team building)

Are you looking for a nice teambuilding activity for your staff outings? Try a silent disco yoga/Zumba/fitness or dance party. Our headphones can be used at large outdoor workout events or even indoor. The teacher instructions and music are heard through wireless illuminated disco headsets. The teacher uses a microphone and wears a headphone to teach the class. Anyone who is not wearing a headphone can’t hear the class, so there is no disturbance of noise for the area. Global Silent Disco has organized many successful silent disco yoga/zumba/dance events for many companies in Hong Kong as teambuilding activities.

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Corporate Events (Corporate parties)

Looking for a special way to celebrate a corporate gathering? Contact us to have a silent disco party. We can play music on 3 different channels that the guests can choose on their headphones. We’ve organized this with companies and parties all over Hong Kong. Global Silent Disco transforms corporate events into memorable and practical experiences for your clients and employees.

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Wellness Events

Our service is the perfect fit for a wellness festival or special event. Silent Disco headsets can be used for fitness, yoga, taichi, zumba, dance, meditation and mindfulness.

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Wedding Events

Our wireless headphone technology is the perfect way to add a unique touch to your wedding reception. Our technology ensures that you will not have to end your party early due to local noise restrictions after a certain hour.

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Birthday Parties

A silent party is a unique and youthful way to celebrate a birthday. This innovative technology offers the perfect way to shake up a traditional celebration. We will create a unique silent party suitable for any restaurant, home or club venue.